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Moviwear monitors the health and safety of people - remotely!
Offering peace of mind, knowing our loved ones are remotely monitored 24/7 though our platforms and
products, wharever they are.Providing a balance of independence and safety.

Remote care for elderly and people with special needs is vital for our business partners success.

Remote Monitoring Platforms

Caregivers remotely monitor the health and safety of people with our remote monitoring platforms.
Vital-sign and SOS alerts are sent through our 4G IoT devices to our cloud-based remote monitoring platforms.

The 24/7 remote people monitoring platforms are connected to both, our IoT wearebles and App´s.
Our 4G connection allows to identify real-time changes to heart rate, temperature, oxygen, vital signs and
to recognize falls using our patient-pending, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fall Detection algorithms.

We work together with our business partners to configure the platforms according to their
practices and remote monitoring needs.

MoviWear Safety

Safety and Wellbeing

Monitors safety, wellbeing
and physical location (GPS)

MoviWear Med

Remote Vital Sign

Monitors vital-signs
plus safety and wellbeing

Mobile APP´s

Our APPs monitor the SAFETY and VITAL-SINGS of loved ones – remotely!
Providing caregiving companies personnel and family members 24/7 LIVE monitoring of users’ through our IoT wearable devices & IoT accessories.
Ensuring remote monitoring from our App's on the health, safety & vital-signs from practically anywhere in the world.
Caregivers and our IoT device users may initiate voice communication using our embedded SIM cards with 4G global coverage.

Safety Mobile App

Med Mobile App

Iot Products

IoT Safety and Medical Devices

1. 4G IoT Wearable Devices

MoviWear IoT Devices send through cellular networks data required by Platforms and Mobile APPs to monitor
and report in real time dispatchers, caregivers and/or family members the status of supervised persons.
Some features they support:

  • Initiate phone calls to predefined phone numbers

  • Safe zones crossing alerts, leaving or entering

  • SOS / distress button to send alarms & initiate phone calls

  • Receive phone calls with optional auto answer

  • Track persons´ localion, wherever they are & record history

  • Fall detection with automatic alarms and phone calls

  • Red SOS button for emergencies
  • Fashionable, simple smartwatch
  • 4G SIM card included
  • Easy to use - No App store or
    Web browser
  • Auto connects to Medical Devices
  • 48 hour standby battery
  • IP67 water proof
Infinity Box
  • Connects to 4G, Bluetooth & WiFi
  • 4G SIM card included
  • 3-day standby battery
  • VoIP capable & water proof
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Auto connects to Medical & other
    IoT devices
  • IP67 water proof
  • Easily connect your IoT devices
  • Remotely controlled
  • Connect to our Safety and/or
    MED platforms
  • Open API connections available
Pequeño Guardian
  • Large SOS button for emergencies
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Track & Monitor
  • 4G SIM card included
  • Easy to charge docking station
  • IP67 water proof
  • 3-day standby battery

2. MoviWearMed IoT accessories

They each auto-connect to our NurtureWatch / IoT Box and report
24/7 vital-signs to our MoviWear MED platform.

Temperature, Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor
ECG Patch
Glucose Pen
Blood Pressure Monitor
ECG Monitor
Glucose Monitor

3. Other IoT accessories

Connect your IoT devices to our remote monitoring platform

Contact Us

Send us your name and email as well as any questions you have for us. Let us know what it is you need to for your company, and how MoviWear can work with you to help create those solutions with our platform. You can also send us any inquires for partnerships, or if you would rather contact us in a different way, our contact information is at the bottom of the page here.

email: info@moviwear.com

Name: Jacob Moshinsky

Tel: +1.647.921.6684:

Meet Our CEO

Jacob Moshinsky, CEO of the company, created MoviWear when his great uncle reached an elderly age and had a scary moment.

I wish my family would have been able to know that he fell so they could save him. By the time they reached him it was too late.

Jacob Moshinsky

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